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Payment Gateway

A processor who is managing payments electronically on your website is called a Payment Gateway. There are a lot of providers today in the domestic as well as in international market who help businesses to accept payments online for various products and services offered by them. As you plan to set up you ecommerce store this is one of the most crucial point to be taken into consideration as how will you sell if you dont get paid online.

Payment gateways in the indian market can be roadly categorized as Bank and Aggregators.

Banks like ICICI and HDFC provide you with their own solution where you can accept Visa / Mastercard credit card payments while Aggregators like EBS and CCAvenue can help you with accepting payments through a multi channel payment options like payments thru net-banking, debit cards, credit cards, cash cards and mobile payments. You can choose gateways you want to get integrated depending on your requirement. Since a payment gateway is an integral part of your ecommerce store our experts offer unmatched services when it comes to payment gateway integration. We can also integrate various of international payment gateways also to your current or new ecommerce project. 

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